Saturday, March 31, 2007

New Opportunities!

Coming close to the end of nursing school I have been thinking more about where I want to work. I currently work at a nice small hospital but I wanted to just look to see what my options were.Looking into what I wanted to do I applied at two different hospitals. The first one was Phoenix Children's hospital, the second was Phoenix Good Samaritan hospital.

I have always wanted to work at Good Sam because of the reputation that it has. There are only five magnet hospital in Arizona and Good Sam is one of them. I interviewed at both hospitals and got an offer from both hospitals. Good Sam offered me the job right on the spot!!

I decided to take the job at Good Sam. They offered me a substantial amount more than what the new grad rate is, because of the experience that I have (I have been in the health care field for over seven years). I am very excited about this opportunity! I will be working on a Medical/Telemetry floor. This floor is for people that come in with regular medical issues but also have cardiac problems. The area is set up that I can also float to other Telemetry areas. I will have the opportunity to see different procedures and surgeries during my orientation! Right out of school they will put me in more specialized classes. I will go through a critical care, EKG, and ACLS classes. I start work as a nurse extern 2 on May 14th while I wait to take the state boards. After that I can roll right into a RN position!

Saturday, March 3, 2007

The Dorsets

My cousin Spencer manages a band called The Dorsets. Last night Derek and I went with Katie to hear them play. They are awesome!! They already have a CD out. Check them out!!