Thursday, March 27, 2008

My latest project

As we have been working on setting up our house I have had the chance to try my hand at decorating. My ideas always look better in my head than the final project. Also I always just end up staring at what I have done and I cant make up my mind if I like or not. Anyway this was my latest project.

Derek's Job

So as promised updates on Derek's job. He makes appointments for people to learn about the product that his company sells. He has been there for less than a month and they already have him training new people that are coming in. He had a meeting with the two guys that own the company about what their plans are for the future of the company. They are really impressed with Derek and actually offered him a manager position! After they have enough people to take over what he is doing he will take the new position! The first few months while he is working on getting things going are going to be hard long days but soon he will be working the wonderful hours of 9-5! I am so proud of him! He is such a hard worker! I will add more updates at they come.

Monday, March 24, 2008

Home Sweet Home!

This is in our living room. We still have unpacking to do so we will take more pictures when the rooms are actually done! On top of the book cases I am going to put some plants I am just trying to figure out what ones would look good. I am still trying to figure out how to make it look better. Any ideas?

Just Rambling

Well on March 3rd we closed on our house at 5:00 pm and moved in that night! Our house is slowly coming together. We finally got internet last week so we now feel connected to the world again! We will have a home phone this Saturday! We are still in the process of unpacking so I have not found the cord to upload all my pictures yet but more pictures will come!

Work is going well. It is a big change from what I am use to. I went from having no more than 4 patients to 5-6 patients. That one extra patient makes a difference and then add another one to that. The stress level is different too. The patients now are not as sick so mentally it is not as stressful but because I have more patients there is a lot more to do so I am running pretty much all day. The stress has just changed. When I go home I am just tired not worn out. Every job in nursing is hard just in different ways.

About Derek's job I will post more later there are still a few decisions that have to be made.

We are enjoying it here! We are close to some of Derek's family. I see his sister Jessica a few times a week and I am really enjoying getting to know her more.